POF Tombstone 9mm Lever-Action Rifle Review

POF Tombstone 9mm Lever-Action Rifle Review

Growing up in a household where old westerns were an entertainment staple, I’m a big fan of classic lever-action rifles. But as a shooter today, I’ve also grown accustomed to modern rifle platforms' comfort, flexibility, and aesthetics. Enter the Tombstone 9mm Lever-Action from Patriot Ordnance Factory.

POF Tombstone 9mm Review

Patriot Ordnance Factory Tombstone 9mm Rifle

The Tombstone 9mm Lever-Action Rifle from Patriot Ordnance Factory (POF) is a testament to modernization and craftsmanship. It combines classic design with modern versatility. So I picked one up and took it to the range.



With over two decades of experience in both civilian and military marksmanship programs, Teeps has developed a profound passion for shooting. Not only does he find great joy in introducing newcomers to the sport, but also continually seeks to expand his repertoire in the pursuit of shooting excellence.

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