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Lahab 9mm 115 gr FMJ - 50 ct.
Lahab 9mm Ammunition

Lahab 9mm 115 gr FMJ - 50 ct.

Part Number: F-LA-9MM-115FMJ-A-50
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9mm ammunition with a 115-grain FMJ bullet, lead core and brass case.
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Lahab 9mm 115 gr FMJ – 50 Rounds

This premium line of ammunition from Lahab Munitions is loaded to meet NATO and SAAMI standards. Performance testing has demonstrated that this ammunition performs every bit as well as offerings from other premium ammunition manufacturers, including Winchester, Hornaday, Sig Sauer, etc. With sealed primers and necks, you can be sure this ammo will remain reliable in all conditions, whether it's a day at the range or placed in storage for an extended period of time. 

Who is Lahab, and why haven't I heard of them before? 

Lahab was formerly known as Barij Munitions. Located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), they have been the provider of premium ammunition to both the UAE police and military for over 25 years. As the only ammunition manufacturer in the UAE, their name has become synonymous with commitment to excellence, which is why they are highly sought after as a supplier across the Middle East. American Marksman is the first US-based company to successfully negotiate a contract for importing this premium level of ammunition to our shores. 

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