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Discount Codes?


American Marksman occasionally offers discount codes to our customers. To be the first to know about discounts, please sign up for our newsletter. Newsletter subscribers are the first to know about discounts, new products, new inventory & more! To receive a discount on your order, you MUST enter the discount code at checkout. Discount codes are NOT automatically applied to orders. Please read newsletter emails carefully, it is common for the discount code to be placed within the email. We will not refund orders that are placed prior to the discount code being sent out, nor will we refund orders in which the discount code was not applied due to customer error. Please double check prior to checkout if your coupon code is entered correctly!

Military / Law Enforcement Discount?


American Marksman proudly honors our Military & Law Enforcement with a 5% discount on regular priced items! It does not matter the quantity nor the caliber! What do you need to do? Follow Below!


Email [email protected] & provide a photocopy of your Military or Law Enforcement ID (We accept Proof of Service Letters). Once we receive the information, we will add your name to the list. You then will receive an email from American Marksman with your coupon code that is valid ALL year! Discount is valid on regular priced items only and cannot be combined with other promotions. Before you place an order, be sure you've received your coupon code as we cannot honor the 5% discount if the code isn't applied. You protect our freedom, we support you!

What happens when a product is on back order?


Due to high demand, some of our products may be on back order. Do not panic, we update our inventory daily. Just because a product is on back order today, does not mean it couldn't be in stock tomorrow. However, if you want to be the first to receive your ammunition, do not wait, we ship our back orders on a first come, first serve basis. In most cases, back orders ship between 3-7 business days. Thanks for your patience.


How do I check the status of an order online?


Orders are shipped out 1-3 business days AFTER the order was placed. Once shipped, an email notification is sent out. We will not check a status for an order if it has been less than 4 days since the order was placed. You can check a status of an order by emailing a purchase order number to customer service or google search your tracking number.



Canceling an order?


Orders may be canceled at any time; However, the cause of the cancelation will dictate the refund procedure. Below are three categories in which a refund will be processed, please read below:

Cancellation due to American Marksman defected ammo. When this is the case, the customer must send in the defected ammunition for review. Once American Marksman receives the defected ammunition, new ammunition will be sent to the customer. Prior to sending the ammunition back to American Marksman, the customer should email customer service & provide pictures / descriptions of what they are experiencing with the ammunition. American Marksman will then send the customer a shipping label.

Cancellation before the product has shipped will result in a full refund, minus the processing fee. The processing fee is 10% of the total order amount. Generally, orders are shipped within 1-3 days.

Cancellation after the product has shipped, but nothing wrong with the ammunition. In this case, American Marksman will not accept a return of ammunition, nor will American Marksman refund the order. Before you submit your order, please be sure you are ordering the correct product.


What happens if product is damaged / not-complete upon receiving it?


If you receive a damaged/not-complete product, the first step is to take pictures of the product you have as well as the box it came in. There are times where the box may be damaged but the product inside is not. If you happen to have a damaged product, please email us the pictures and description at [email protected]



What is the Wait List?


The Wait List is designed to allow customers who are interested in a product but at the time of purchase, the product was out of stock. You can choose to be added to the Wait List in which we will email you as soon as the product is back in stock.


What is Lake City?


The Lake City Army Ammunition Plant (LCAAP) operated by Northrop Grumman is the largest producer of military and commercial small caliber rounds in the United States and has a reputation of high quality production spanning decades. Military rounds manufactured at LCAAP have an engraved stamp surrounding the primer on the casing with “LC” (this symbol indicates the ammunition was originally produced at the Lake City location). American Marksman operates demil operations there on site for NG and many of our components come from that operation.


What are Lake City Components?


American Marksman gets many of it's components from it's Lake City recycling operations. We also buy brand new excess & overrun components in bulk at discount prices. All cases and projectiles go through our state-of-the-art inspection process to make sure only quality products are used in our manufacturing operations. Components include bullets/projectile, primed cases and smokeless powder.


What is the difference between New, Never Fired, and Remanufactured ammunition?


New: Ammunition produced with new materials for military or commercial use.


Never Fired: Ammunition that is made from reassembled pulled down components. No component had ever been used previously.


Remanufactured: Ammunition that is made from a previously fired component. Typically, this means the case has been used before.



What are pulled bullets?


A bullet is the projectile of the ammunition.  A pulled bullet occurs in the process of de-militarization of ammunition and refers to the projectile being pulled from the casing and separated from the cartridge and gun powder.  Bullets are pulled with either a collet or jaw method.



What is the difference between 5.56 and .223?


The 5.56 and the .223 appear similar externally but are different internally. The 5.56 round is loaded to a higher pressure than the .223 Remington. We do not recommend using 5.56 ammunition in .223 guns. The best course of action:  use the specific caliber of ammunition designed by the manufacturer of your weapon.



What is the difference between 7.62 and .308?


The 7.62 and .308 appear similar externally but are different internally. The .308 will occasionally be loaded to a higher pressure than 7.62. In addition, the 7.62 casing is also slightly thicker than the .308. Some people argue that you can use .308 rounds in a .7.62 rifle chamber, but we do not recommend. Specifications for your rifle should be reviewed, and the manufacturer of your weapon contacted, prior to loading any ammunition and the firing of any ammunition.  The best course of action:  use the caliber of ammunition designed by the manufacturer of your weapon.



What is the difference between TMJ & FMJ?


Total Metal Jacket (TMJ) is when the metal casing covers the entire lead bullet. This bullet is more beneficial when shooting because when exposed to extreme heat, lead can vaporize and be harmful if inhaled. Some indoor gun ranges only allow TMJ.

Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) is when the entire metal casing covers the lead bullet except for the base. The base is exposed lead.

The two types of jackets perform identically and many experts recommend using TMJ in enclosed ranges.


What is the difference between “Plinking” and “Target” Ammunition?


Plinking is a type of ammunition commonly used for specific range practice or used for outdoors. This type of ammo is not recommended for competitive shooting, as the rounds will not have an exact grouping due to differences in weights of the ammo. The bullets in plinking ammunition typically vary in weight and are not consistent.


Target ammunition is used for competitive shooting and accurate range practice. Emphasis is on accuracy as well as performance.