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Factory 2nds: Stryker .223 Ball 55 gr FMJ - 400 ct.
Stryker .223 REM FMJ ammunition

Factory 2nds: Stryker .223 Ball 55 gr FMJ - 400 ct.

Part Number: F-ST-223-55FMJ-SECONDS-C-400
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.223 REM ammunition with a 55-grain FMJ bullet, lead core and brass case.
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Factory 2nds: Stryker .223 REM 55 gr FMJ – 400 Rounds

Stryker .223 REM ammunition consists of mixed brass cases, Boxer primers, and 55-grain FMJ projectiles. It is 100% American-made and designed for range training and tactical exercises.  

All Stryker .223 REM ammunition is tested for function using an AR-15-style rifle with a 20" barrel and rifle-length gas system. Like the military, we expect our loaded rounds to have consistent firing and grouping!

Factory 2nds: 

These rounds pass all of our rigorous quality control standards. Still, they may contain cosmetic defects including, but not limited to, dings, scratches, pull-marks, pushed-in bullets, divots, discoloration, and tarnishing. In rare cases, these defects may cause undesired results when fired.

Purchaser assumes all risks with this product and should not assume it will function correctly in a firearm. Carefully inspect any and all rounds before loading and attempting to use them in your firearm.

Factory 2nds are sold "as-is," and American Marksman, LLC disclaims all warranties of any kind, express or implied, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. American Marksman, LLC neither assumes nor authorizes any other person or entity to assume liability in connection with the sale of factory-rejected ammunition.

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