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ARSENAL: 7.62x39 122 GR FMJ - 400 CT
ARSENAL: 7.62x39 122 GR FMJ - 400 CT

ARSENAL: 7.62x39 122 GR FMJ - 400 CT

Part Number: F-AR-762-122FCP-A-400
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7.62x39 Ball Military Grade Ammunition consist of 122 Grain Copper FMJ Bullet & Steel Case.
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Arsenal: 7.62x39 Ball 122 Gr. Copper FMJ – 400 Rounds

Description: Arsenal 7.62 line of Military Grade ammunition consists of steel brass, berdan-primers and copper FMJ projectiles. Designed for Training / Defense Training. This line of ammunition is 100% Bulgarian made. 

Arsenal was founded in 1878 in Ruse, Bulgaria as the first factory meant to serve the newly created Bulgarian Army. After World War 1, due to strategic concerns, the company moved to it's current location in central Bulgaria (Kazanlak). Today, Arsenal excels in manufacturing and trade in small arms, ammunition and more. Arsenal is officially licensed by the government of Bulgaria for trade in Military Equipment. As an export company possessing wide trade experience, Arsenal manufactures high quality and competitive products, with more than 90% of production exported worldwide. 

Suitable for rifles chambered in 7.62x39. Quality ammo for medium to long range shooting with your AK-47. Arsenal 7.62x39 is loaded to Military Specifications.

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