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American Marksman 50 BMG M1022 LR Sniper 650 gr - 50 ct.
50 BMG M1022 LR Sniper ammo

American Marksman 50 BMG M1022 LR Sniper 650 gr - 50 ct.

Part Number: F-AM-50-XM1022LR-B-50
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50 BMG M1022 Long Range Sniper ammunition with a 650-grain projectile and brass case.
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American Marksman 50 BMG M1022 LR Sniper 650 gr  – 50 Rounds

American Marksman 50 BMG M1022 ammunition consists of Lake City brass, Boxer primers and 650-grain (olive green coating) projectiles. This line of ammunition is 100% American-made. 

The US Army initiated the XM1022 program to develop .50 caliber sniper ammunition with increased accuracy over the fielded MK-211 multi-purpose armor piercing round. With the mission to be deployed against long-range soft targets where armor piercing was not required, the testing proved the capabilities of the round, and it changed over to the M1022 designation. The program was discontinued in the early 2010s despite the extreme long-range accuracy of the round. 

American Marksman was able to procure a small amount of these projectiles and loaded them to the same specifications as the original design. Unavailable for several years, we are bringing this limited offering out of the history book and into your firearm. 

Military Requirement: due to the components being from the Lake City Ammunition Plant, the cases are required to be annealed. If the cases are not annealed, they do not meet military specs. This does not mean the cases have been previously used. Unlike civilian rounds, the military requires visual proof of the annealing process. This process causes discoloration to the cases, which also provides added durability.

While designed for use in the M107 Long-Range Sniper Rifle, these rounds are ideal for use in all .50 caliber bolt-action and semi-automatic sniper rifles. 

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