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Bulk Orders

Want the best bang for your buck? American Marksman offers some of the lowest prices on the market & even lower rates for large bulk orders! Our goal is to offer quality ammo at affordable prices. We love nothing more than to see the joy our ammunition brings to our passionate marksman. We supply ex-military, civilian firearms enthusiasts, and sportsmen throughout the country.

Wondering how to get a quote? Follow the instructions below!

Please answer these questions to let us know how to fulfill the bulk order. 

1. What caliber(s) are you looking at purchasing? (Example: 5.56 & 7.62x51)

2. For the caliber(s) you listed in the previous question, what quantity are you wanting? (Example: 20,000 Rounds)

3. Where are we shipping too? (Example: Lubbock, Texas 79382)

An American Marksman representative will respond to your email as soon as possible. We look forward to serving your ammunition needs & will continue looking forward to bringing you the lowest possible prices on the market!