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March Contest

March Madness Challenge!

March has arrived and that means one thing: March Madness! Here at American Marksman, we want you to prove your accuracy in correctly picking the winning team! 

What’s the prize for picking the Champion?

1st place receives $100 in store credit

2nd place receives $50 in store credit

What’s the prize for picking the lowest seeded team to make it to the Sweet 16?

1st place receives $25 in store credit 

2nd place receives $20 in store credit 

3rd place receives $15 in store credit. 

Everyone else who participates receives 5% off their entire purchase! (Valid April 3rd- 12th)

All winners will have their first name and where they are from posted on social media/American Marksman website. 

What happens if there are multiple winners?

In the case of multiple contestants picking the correct team, we go to the tie-breaker. The tie-breaker is predicting the total of the final score of the championship game! If you are the most accurate, you win!

The total of the final score means that your prediction must be the total score of both teams combined in the championship game. For Example: 85+97 = 182. In this scenario, the contestant tie-breaker score is 182.

Wondering how?

On March 12th we will send out a link to our survey via Facebook, Twitter and newsletter subscribers. The survey will include a list of required questions. The survey ends on March 15th at 12:00pm central time. 

What’s the entry fee?

NOTHING! Although we encourage you to spread the word and follow us on Facebook, Twitter or sign up for our email subscription if you haven’t already!

Why do you need to include your email?

We will inform all contestants of their winnings via email. In addition, we will add all emails to our weekly newsletter for those of you who are not subscribed. If you wish to unsubscribe, you can easily access that on our website or at the bottom of the newsletters.  


** Contest rules subject to change depending on participation rate **